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Akurat B1120mix3

On camera LED lighting

The high CRI next generation of mix type on-camera light B1120mix3 is emitting the flux of light greater then 1200 lumens. Designed in dual balance technology, based on flat, high power SMD LED diodes (Surface Mount Device). Switching of color temperature of light has implemented by the switcher placed on rear control panel. There is a two standard color temperature available: daylight (approx. 5600K) and tungsten (approx. 3200K). This solution makes possible illuminating on stages with all conditions; inside and outside of premises, without any optical conversion filters.
"MIX" mode
The B1120mix3 light is equipped with the mixer of the color temperature. This mode is enabled by the mixer control knob from "OFF" position. Working in "MIX" mode is indicated by the red LED and consist in the mixing of the daylight and tungsten light. The result is an increase in temperature of artificial light or lowering the temperature of daylight. The mixing ratio is smoothly adjusted by the mixer knob. When it is set on the "MAX" the both sets of LEDs (daylight and tungsten) are emitting the same power. In the "MIX" mode, the dimming is performed with the color temperature set by the mixer control knob.
B1120mix3 fixture gives strong, very wide beam of soft light. It is excellent equipment for filming in the low illumination. The angle of beam amounts 120 degrees, thanks to it all area of frame is equally illuminated, even if wide lens or wide converters are used. As other Akurat Lighting headlights the B1120mix3 makes possible a dimming with no shift in color.B1120mix3 is equipped with the biaxial adapter with the central fixing screw, to mount to the typical "photo shoe" socket. The durability of headlight is guaranteed by the anodized aluminum body with laser engraved lettering. The power/balance switcher and the dimmer/mixer potentiometers are placed in the backside of the housing. They are the highest quality IP 67 devices, made by Japanese and European renowned producers. It guarantees very long, faultless working time. Characteristics of the B1120mix3 fixture predispose it to work in difficult conditions, such as high humidity, very low or high temperature or high pollination. DC power socket is placed aside, to prevent the collision of the power cord and the control panel.
Supply options
Possibility of power from any source with voltage 6-20V is the next unusual functionality. The B1120mix3 may be powered from typical D-Tap camera socket (14,4V) as well as from popular 7,4V camera battery, from the VRLA battery (6 or 12V), from the electrical installations of cars or boats, AC adapters, etc. B1120mix3 consumes up to 18W of power, regardless of the voltage of source. Find the proper cable or adapter in Accessories bookmark to configure your own supply option.
Storage and transportation
Akurat Lighting B1120mix3 headlights are delivered in the functional rigid cases.
Major Advantages

  • possibility of switching or controlling of color temperature
  • very strong, wide and soft flux of light
  • fully dimmable
  • capability of power from any source 6-20V
  • up to 18W of max power consumption
  • capability of supplying directly from the camcorder battery
  • high efficiency
  • low operating temperature
  • high shock and humidity resistance
  • reliability
  • longevity
Made in EU Made in Poland


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