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Akurat Illuminators DL3120 LED


DL3120 LED panel emits maximum light output that exceeds 5000 lumens. The lamp is designed in dual balance technology, based on a new, flat high power SMD LED diodes with high ratio of color rendering. The adjustment of color temperature and brightness of the light is possible due to the high-tech microprocessor controller, which gives you extraordinary opportunities. In addition to brightness adjustment the operator can choose between two standard color temperatures: daylight and artificial. You can also manually adjust the color temperature within 3100-5650K range and save the current settings in non-volatile flash memory. A special feature of the controller is its simple and intuitive operation.
The lamp emits a very strong and very broad soft light stream of high quality, completely devoid of flicker. Beam angle of 120 degrees allows to illuminate a relatively large areas from a short distance. The lamp adjusts brightness basically with no change of the color temperature. It is a great tool to work both on a field film set and in the studio. Optional DMX512 controller allows remote control of the lamp in television studios or when the lamp is placed in hard-to-reach places. At the back of the lamp there is a driver control panel that consists the lamp control buttons, the display indicating the percentage of the current brightness setting and the color temperature in Kelvin scale, an LED diode signaling lamp working mode, battery base of NP-F type (with other types of batteries in option) and AC adapter jack.
Major Advantages

  • DL3120 panel without seating for batteries
  • AC adapter

and optionally:
  • DMX Decoder
  • barn door
  • extension cable

Reporter kit:
  • DL3120 panel with seating for NP-F batteries
  • Articulated head
  • AC adapter
  • Protective bag for safe transportation of the panel along with accessories

The main advantages of DL3120 lamp
  • -intuitive
  • -adjustable color temperature and switch between the standard color temperature daylight / tungsten
  • -adjustable brightness from 0-100%
Made in EU Made in Poland


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