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Akurat Lenticular X1 zoom


First lens-like lamp by Akurat. Thanks to a draw-tube supplied with barn wings you can now adjust the angle and the shape of the stream of light. Two big, powerful LEDs by CREE are a source of light here. A camera operator can use 2 colour temperatures (daylight and artificial) plus a smooth adjustment of brightness.
Due to their small dimensions, the Light-Emitting Diodes make up a kind of spot light which is projected through a lens placed in an adjustable tube. Four-wing barn doors enable us to precisely control the stream of light, which can be very useful when we need to highlight only a part of a frame. CRI (Color Rendering Index) gradient for the light emitted by the diodes is Ra>95 for artificial light and Ra>80 for daylight.
The angle of the beam of light is adjusted by moving the draw-tube. If the tube is drawn forward, the beam will become narrower, whereas retracting it backwards will make the beam wider. The range of adjustment is 10 to 90 degrees. The scale on the top of the lamp body shows an approximate angle of the beam of light. Thanks to the use of a lens, a change of an angle causes a change in the intensity of the light. Thus it is possible to achieve a high degree of light intensity with small beam angles - over 8000 lx with the distance of 1 m
On the left side of the lamp body there is a control panel, consisting of a power switch (which also serves as a switch for colour temperature), a potentiometer to regulate brightness, a button enabling quick battery change and a control indicator showing low battery level.
Both the switch IP67 and the potentiometer are high quality components made by renowned Japanese and European producers, ensuring long, faultless operation. The graphics on the lamp body is made in laser-engraving technology, which makes it impossible to be erased in use later on. The rigidness and durability of the lamp is guaranteed due to the solid, anodized-aluminum draw-tube and body which is at the same time a radiator carrying out heat from the diodes
As standard, a X1 Zoom lamp is supplied with an articulated adaptor with a central clamp which allows you to adjust the lamp direction in two axes. The adaptor allows mounting the lamp on a typical photographic plate. The 1/4" thread at the bottom of the plate enables us to mount the lamp onto a mini tripod as well, or - with the use of a special adaptor - onto a typical lighting stand.
X1 zoom lamps are powered by li-ion rechargeable batteries type 18650 with the voltage of 3,7V. These batteries are a popular source of energy used everywhere for multiple purposes. On the right-hand side of the X1 lamp body there is an open socket designed to mount one piece of a battery of this type. A fully-charged battery of nominal capacity of 3100mAh is enough to Power the lamp to work continuously at full power for 100-120 minutes. A low-battery status is indicated by a red-glowing control diode on the control panel of the lamp. It means that the battery can work for only a few more minutes. If it is not exchanged, the lamp stops working.
Major Advantages

  • possibility to switch between colour temperatures
  • very powerful, adjustable beam of light
  • possibility to be mounted onto a video camera
  • possibility to adjust brightness
  • high efficiency
  • powered by cheap, common Li-Ion batteries
  • high resistance to mechanical shock, damage and humidity
  • reliability
  • longevity
Made in EU Made in Poland


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