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LL2120hc3 V-WHITE (Very High CRI)

On-camera LED lighting

The on-camera light emitting the highest quality light of V-WHITE LED, with a full spectrum, which CRI indexes R1 – R14 are all greater than 95, including R9 and R12, and Ra = 98. It is probably the first on-camera light on the market with such extraordinary LED light quality. The perfect parameters of light were obtained thanks to the application of new V-White LEDs. In these LEDs, the wavelength of emitter was reduced in relation to regular white LEDs, what in combination with the multicomponent phosphor gives a emission evenly filling the entire spectrum of the visible light. LL2120hc3 has all characteristics of its predecessor LL2120hc2 lamp. It is a continuation of the “slim” type by Akurat Lighting, designed based on the flat SMD LEDs (Surface Mount Device) in the dual balance technology. It facilitates switching of the color temperature through the switch located on the back side panel. There are two standard color temperature available to the operator: daylight (approx. 5600K) and artificial (approx. 3200K). This solution provides the possibility to illuminate film sets in any conditions, inside and outside, without the necessity of using optical conversion filters, with light that does not differ in quality from the natural sources, such as the incandescent halogen lamp or the sun light (Ra =100). The lamp is an irreplaceable tool everywhere, when the quality of light and full spectrum of lively colors in the registered materials are of importance.
The lamp gives a very wide stream of soft light and is a perfect tool everywhere there is a necessity of taking pictures in low-light conditions. The angle of a light beam is 120 degrees, what covers the entire film frame, even with wide-angle lens or using wide angle converter. The LL2120hc3 lamp facilitates adjustments of the brightness of the light, practically without changing the color temperature. The light stream is continuous, there is no light flickering or interference with the frequency of the camera scanning.To mount the LL2120hc3 lamp on a camera a traditional yoke is provided, which facilitates the adjustment of the lamps direction on two axes. The yoke is equipped with a ¼” bolt, which facilitates the mounting of the lamp to cameras equipped with this type of socket, and an adapter for mounting the lamp to a regular photo shoe.
Power options
The extraordinary functionality of the LL2120hc3 lamp is a result of the possibility of powering it by any source with a voltage from 6-20V range. It allows for using typical D-tap power sockets in broadcast cameras (14,4v), as well as batteries conventionally used to power cameras (7,4V), gel cells (6 and 12v), electrical installations of cars and motorcycles, AC adapters or other DC sources. The lamp, regardless of the voltage, takes approx. 10W, adjusting the amperage to the supply voltage. In the Accessories Accessories tab you can find proper cables and adapters, which adjust the lamp to different power options.


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