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Long Boa Set


Capacity up to 66lb (30kg)
Flexible track FLEX TRAK can be used in the temperature of -20 to 40 degrees. LONG BOA is designed to be used with tripods or an bowl mount 100mm. Each is supported on 3 profiles measuring 4"(100mm). LONG BOA is also recommended to be used with DSLR cameras.
The track

It measures 25.5 ft (10 meters) and makes up to 13ft (5 meters) of track. It is easy to assemble in a short period of time on flat surfaces. 2 pieces side by side will create a 51ft (20 meters) run.
Arm shifting

The tripod is equipped with a moveable profile installed in one of three arms and, thanks to it, it can be moved smoothly on the flexible track FLEX TRAK. The tripod is drawn by 12 bearing wheels installed on 3 aluminium profiles and can be smoothly moved on the chosen track.

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