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RB CAGE with FOLLOW FOCUS – an easy-to-operate and convenient-to-use cage for video cameras and DSLRs that protects the installed equipment from bumps and damage. An adjustable handle allows a firm grip of the camera. A follow focus system mounted on the side handle allows to operate the focus with one finger without having to use your hand. A mounting plate is covered with anti-slip rubber. All components are made of externally hardened, anodized aluminum alloy. The lower part of the cage has ready-made mounting holes for mounting tripod plates such as Manfrotto PL501, PL503, etc.
The holes at the top of the cage can be fitted with RB ACCESSORY MOUNT on which you can place a microphone or a monitor. The product weighs only 1.5 kilogram.
The set includes two rubber rings with the inner diameter of 65 mm (for the lenses of 67-72 mm) and 70 mm (for the lenses of 72-77 mm) and hex wrenches for follow focus adjustment.
Made in EU Made in Poland

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